Hi, I'm Olivia Gray, I'm a graphic designer based in Lausanne and Verbier. Originally from the UK, I grew up in the Swiss Alps.
As a graduate from EHEA  (Ecole de design et Haute école d’art du Valais), I am highly proficient in the Adobe suite. I have a queen eye for design and I am technologically savvy. I am also very up to date on the latest trends. 
I am am currently working for a Swiss creative agency.
I love design that is fresh and full of colour! I adore typography.
As a trained graphic designer, I believe I am like a chameleon, versatile. Adapting to all kinds of different design charts to suit the client best is something I achieve. I always have millions of ideas in mind, which allows me to adapt to each request, I love challenges and constantly surpassing myself. 
 If I'm not designing logos, you can find me sewing scrunchies for my very own e-commerce shop.
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